3rd World Comedy


We live in the 3rd world country society, where the “nothing” has become “something”and the “something” has become a void in need of being filled. Our minds, souls, has slowly have been corrupted by matereialistic nothingness. That has been ready to swallow you down to the bottom and unconsciously, we race towards an early grave.
Ironicaly, we bowed and prayed to the god that has been made by ourself thoughts, worshiping an illusion from our smartphone screen, billboarded, printed, tattooed on our cells by advertising, marketing.
Congratulations! Now you’re the product! that ready to prey by vulture capitalism. But wait, We still dancing right? After all this hopeful and tragedic life. So, welcome to the 3rd World Comedy! Free but not really free.
Nevermind, the rest is yours.

3rd World Comedy
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