Journey Of The Eyes


Journey of the eyes.
Through this shirt we illustrated & reflected a what the dead would need to know in order to complete the journey safely. The eyes symbolize an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power, and good health to protect us as the seekers.
We also define the Ancient Egypt as the most blessed and pleasant land for humans to live in on our graphics. We believe life in ancient Egypt was often considered the best one could experience on earth. Therefore we want to emphasize the Ancient Afterlife Egyptian beliefs. Where they believe life was only part of an eternal journey and just only transition to another realm,  that doesn’t ended in death but everlasting joy.
If one were justified by the gods, one would live eternally in a paradise known as the Field of Reeds. They also believe the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife was a mirror- image of one’s life on earth. So, the aim of every Ancient Egyptian was to make that life worth living eternally and, as far as the records indicate, they did their very best at that.


Journey Of The Eyes
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